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Hi I'm Yuta. I love making things!! I'm a busy 4th grader. Besides making ShipRace, I play violin for Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, play baseball in my school team, and of course do tons of homework for my regular school and Japanese school. In my spare time, I like to read books, play LEGOs, and do other fun things that kids love doing!


Founder & KidEO

Yuta Game Design LLC

Original Shiprace
ShipRace v1
ShipRace v2
ShipRace v3

I first designed the original Ship Race during the Thanksgiving of 2018 when I was eight. Then my dad came and said this is a great game! We started working together on the game. My Dad helped me with materials to make it more real. Then I played with my friends and family, and also play tested at game convention and made lots of improvements! I even got copyright and registered trademarks!


Right now we hand make the game at our home, but it's A LOT OF WORK!! You can buy these copies at our Online Store. But to reach all of you and everyone who wants to play this game, I need to find a way to produce MANY copies of the game, like more than 500. To do this, I need your help to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign. Please help us spread the word! Here's how you can help!

The Story

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