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Covid-19 Relief Free Print & Play Demo


I hope everyone is well. I know most of us are staying at home and may be bored or worried but that doesn’t last long because we, Yuta Game Design made a Covid-19 relief free print & play demo! It’s like making ShipRace for yourself!! To download the free demo, first scroll down and fill in the form to get your access code and stay in touch. An Email should come to you shortly that says the access key. Then read the instructions below, click the links for the PDF files for the each game part, then follow what the instructions say. And BOOM! You'll be playing ShipRace in a blast!

Yuta, Founder & KidEO, Yuta Game Design

Get your access code

Thank you! Please check your inbox for the access key.

How to print & make your own ShipRace!

1. Game Board

Print this pdf file in US Letter (borderless). Glue or tape the 5 pages vertically. The real game of ShipRace folds this long game board in 6-fold accordion fold. 

2. Sailor's Manual

For those lazy folks like me, we made a quick one-page guide to get you started. Refer to Instruction Manual for detailed instructions and Q&A.

3. Game Cards

This one is a bit tricky. So read carefully. First, print 10 copies of the card front pdf file here. Next, print the card back pdf here on the reverse side of the 10 pages you just printed. Make sure to align the right side up. Finally, cut along the dotted lines to make 98 cards. I STRONGLY recommend printing both sides so that it's harder to see through your cards from opponents!

4. Game Pieces

Print this pdf file, cut along the dotted lines, and then fold the piece in half and voila, you have a free standing ShipRace game piece!

5. Instruction Manual

Okay, this can also be a bit tricky. Print odd# pages here first. Then, on the other side, print even# pages here. Fold each page along the dotted line, stack them so that the page numbers are in order, then staple the ends to turn it into a booklet.

That's it! Enjoy the game!!

Wasn't that easy? Hope you enjoy the game! Please send us what you think. Please feel free to spread the word by email, twitter, facebook, instagram, or by classical word of mouth!

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