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Sailor's Manuals

Dear ShipRace! Customers,

Thank you for purchasing a copy of ShipRace! I hope you have been enjoying the game! We are constantly improving the rule of the game so it's more fun to play. Please find below the latest version of the rule. You can find your version by checking the barcode label on the box. We would appreciate your inputs on the rule. Thanks for being a ShipRace! fan.


Founder and KidEO, Yuta Game Design

ShipRace! v3.3

January-March 2020

This is the first home production version that was on sale. You may have bought it at TotalCon 2020 or BYSO Gala 2020. Print pages 1 and 3, then print pages 2 and 4 on their backs. Fold them in half, staple, and voila, there's your new Sailor's Manual!

Sailors Manual | Quick Guide

ShipRace! v3.4



This is the current home production version for limited sales. The new rules include 1) "Friend or Foe" and "Mayday". There's no change in the playing cards themselves. These two new tweaks make the game even more fun and keeps the good tempo - Happy Sailing!

Sailors Manual | Quick Guide

ShipRace! v3.5



Added two WIND cards

Sailors Manual | Quick Guide

ShipRace! v3.6



Added "New Tide" and Duet (two-person) rule. New Tide let's you refresh your entire hand, and Duet keeps the game entertaining for two person game... but ShipRace is at its best when played with more than 3 players!

Sailors Manual | Quick Guide

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