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My Story

Original Shiprace
ShipRace v1
ShipRace v2
ShipRace v3

I first designed the original Ship Race during the Thanksgiving of 2018 when I was eight. Then my dad came and said this is a great game! We started working together on the game. My Dad helped me with materials to make it more real. Then I played with my friends and family, and also play tested at game convention and made lots of improvements! I even got copyright and registered trademarks!


Right now we hand make the game at our home, but it's A LOT OF WORK!! You can buy these copies at our Etsy Online Store. But to reach all of you and everyone who wants to play this game, I need to find a way to produce MANY copies of the game, like more than 500. To do this, I need your help to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign. Please help us spread the word! Here's how you can help!

Special Announcement: I am currently giving away FREE DEMO downloads of ShipRace v3.4 in response to Covid-19 pandemic! **Covid-19 Relief Special - FREE ShipRace v3.4 DEMO download**

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