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Timeline & Gallery

ShipRace! "Collectible" 3D ships
March 2021

With improved design, and assembled carefully from separately printed hull, masts and sails. As simple as it looks, two color version of the ships are MUCH harder to make, requiring fine adjustments in relative size of the hull, mast, and sail so that they just snugly fits into a nice looking ship ... COUNTLESS failed attempts before finally managing to finish the all five ships ... Phew!! Hope you like them!

Yuta opens an online store @Etsy!
December 2020

Just in time for the holiday season, Yuta Game Design opened an online store at Etsy marketplace to make ShipRace! and the game pieces available to all. You can access the Etsy store here! Many thanks to the customers who have already purchased their ShipRace! game and pieces!

ShipRace! DELUXE - with a set of five colorful 3D ship pieces!
November 2020

After much research, Yuta decided to go with the following five historical ships: Santa Maria, Mayflower, HMS Beagle, Flying Cloud and USS Constitution. Adjustments were made to make them printable in one single 3D piece, in five bright colors: Cotton Candy, Mint, Lemon, Cherry and Sesame. This completes ShipRace! DELUXE package!

ShipRace! Trademark registered!
October 2020

Woohoo!! - Yuta got his ShipRace! wordmark/logo granted by USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office! This is OFFICIAL!!

3D Mayflower designed by Yuta
September 2020

Yuta Designed 3D ship based on his favorite ship, Mayflower. After much experimentation with the kid-friendly 3D design program TinkerCAD and beginner friendly 3D printer TOYBOX, Yuta was able to print it in three parts to assemble into a cool looking ship! More ships are on their way to make a complete set of five ship tokens for the game!

"New Tide" and Duet Rule Introduced (v3.6)
July 2020

After much play-testing and feedback from our beta-tester friends, we added "New Tide" and Duet (two-person) rule. New Tide let's you refresh your entire hand when stuck, and Duet keeps the game entertaining for two person game... but ShipRace is at its best when played with more than 3 players!

KidsCon Online
May 2020

My video pitch video was be played at KidsCon New England ONLINE! I am going to present my game ShipRace! So if you’d like to see me please check out the KidsCon YouTube or Facebook page

Covid-19 Relief FREE download campaign!
April 2020

With Covid-19, I know most of us are staying at home and bored or worried at this time but not so fast! We are not going to let you be bored and scared. Because we made Covid-19 Relief Free Print & Play Demo!!

"FRIEND OR FOE" and "MAYDAY"  (v3.4)
March 2020

I am introducing some new rules to make the game even more fun. (v3.4). "FRIEND OR FOE" happens when you catch up to someone else's ship! If you declare FRIEND, then you exchange one card of your choice with each other, but if you declare FOE, then you STEAL one card from each other! "MAYDAY" lets you pick up the save card you need from the deck when you are under attack - so can start sailing again!

BYSO Gala Auction - Raised $100!
March 2020

Two copies of my game ShipRace! was donated to the Boston youth Symphony’s Gala Silent Auction. I raised $100!

TotalCon Game Convention
February 2020

I showcased ShipRace! at Total Confusion Game Convention at Marlborough MA. Thanks those who stoped at my booth and played my game and gave me feedback!

ShipRace! Launch
February 2020

This particular day I shared my game ShipRace! at my class. It was a great hit!

Shiprace V3 - Home Production!
January 2020

The game of ShipRace! v3 is home printed. It is fun printing and making games at home, but is a really hard job!

Company & Trademark
November 2019

I give my first pitch to my business lawyer, Travis Jacob at Jacobs law. My logo was filed for trademark and my company was established!

Copyright Registered
October 2019 - Yuta Age 9

YAY! I’ve got my certificate that means I’ve got Copyright for my own game!

Copyright Filed
June 2019

I registered for Copyright so my game will be protected.

November 2018 - Yuta Age 8

I made my first game of ShipRace! out of scrap paper. BOOM ShipRace! is born! My dad and I made some improvements so its more playable!

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